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Ever wonder why famous body builders have that “V” shape in their bodies? It is because they have a very well developed Latissimus Dorsi otherwise known as the Lats. This muscle, which includes the Teres major and the Teres minor, occupies a large part of your upper body that can handle a lot of weight and resistance training. It ties in with most of the muscles in your back including the rhomboids which is located in the middle part of your back.

There are a lot of exercise routines that hit the lats which works your traps muscles and rhomboids as well. Your lats, which is also commonly termed as the “wings” can handle a wide variety of exercises but try not to go beyond four since that would be overdoing it and in fact, three routines should be enough. Most of the routines that would work out your wings involve the use of a machine or an accessory since this muscle is not easy to reach without them.

Here are the 3 Best Routines for your Lats:

  • First one on the list would be the Pull Ups which is also known as the chin ups. This is considered as the best form of exercise in terms of improving the density of you Lats. In doing this type of routine, always observe the widest overhand grip you can possibly do to not restrict your motion range. If you want to involve your traps by doing this routine, then you should do the Pull ups behind your neck.In doing this type of Chin ups, make sure that the bar touches the bottom part of your neck. For front pull ups, which more commonly done, the bar should touch the top of your chest to maximize effectivity. Take note not to swing your legs while doing this exercise since this will take away the emphasis from your lats. You should also use a slow or moderate speed in doing this routine to avoid any injury.
  • Second on the list would be the Bent Over Barbell Rows which works not only your lats but also most of your back muscles as well. This is done with a barbell, where your stance should be with bended legs, back straight, almost arched and lean forward, doing it almost parallel to the floor. Take note that if you pull up the barbell up to the middle part of your stomach, this will develop the lower part of your lat while, if you pull up the bar up to your chest or at upper part of your stomach, the result would be better development of the upper part of your lats.
  • The last one would be the Lat Pull down, wherein, you will be using a machine for this and is a lot like Pull ups. The difference is that with Pull ups, you will pull yourself up to the bar while with this one; you will pull the weight towards yourself.

Following the routines mentioned on top will get you on your way to a better formed Lat and a more powerful upper body that has that famous “V” look.

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  • Guest

    simplicity :)

    awesome workout that there is never a cue for

  • Guest (liam brosnan)

    how do i build up the middle bit ov my back with free weights?

  • Guest (Reuben Bajada)

    [quote=liam brosnan]how do i build up the middle bit ov my back with free weights?[/quote]

    See my back building experiment in the menu to the left mate.


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